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水無月涙(CV:蒼井翔太) - 紫陽花(原題:あめふり)
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♫ Ajisai (Gendai: Amefuri) ~ Minazuki Rui ♫

水無月涙 (CV.蒼井翔太) - Rainy moment
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 ♫ Rainy Moment ~ Minazuki Rui ♫

[MV] Seek You Turn ~ OLDCODEX 

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ワンダラーミンストレル・エルタ (CV: 蒼井翔太) - 天使のレクイエム‐海の女神に歌を捧げる儀式の為の唄‐
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♫ Tenshi no Requiem -umi no megami ni uta o sasageru gishiki no tame no uta- ~ Wanderer Minstrel Erta ♫

ワンダラーミンストレル・エルタ (CV: 蒼井翔太) - Open your mind
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♫ Open your mind ~ Wanderer Minstrel Erta ♫ 

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Idol Song Reiji Kotobuki PV


Uta no ☆ Prince-sama♪ Idol song new series is starting at last! ! 

今回のアイドルソングは寿 嶺二・黒崎蘭丸・美風 藍・カミュの初ソロシングルCD!

This time Idol song will be the first solo single CD of Kotobuki Reiji, Kurosaki Ranmaru, Mikaze Ai and Camus!

そして8月には、うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪All Star After SecretのOP曲が収録された「カルテットアイドルソング」が発売!

And in August, was recorded OP song 「Quartet Idol Song」of 「Uta no ☆ Prince-sama♪All Star After Secret」* will be released!

*New PSP Game

  • Information of releases:

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Idol Song Reiji Kotobuki (CV. Morikubo Showtaro)

Release Date: 2014.4.30

  1. 愛しき人へ (Itoshiki hito he)
  2. キスはウインクで (Kisu wa wink de)
  3. 愛しき人へ *off vocal
  4. キスはウインクで *off vocal

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Idol Song Ranmaru Kurosaki (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa)

Release Date: 2014.5.28

  1. Not Bad
  3. Not Bad *off vocal
  4. WILD SOUL *off vocal

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Idol Song Ai Mikaze (CV. Aoi Shouta)

Release Date: 2014.6.25

  1. A.I
  2. 二人のモノグラム (Futari no monogram)
  3. A.I *off vocal
  4. 二人のモノグラム *off vocal

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Idol Song Camus (CV. Maeno Tomoaki)

Release Date: 2014.7.30

  1. 純潔なる愛-Aspiration- (Junketsunaru ai-Aspiration-)
  3. 純潔なる愛-Aspiration- *off vocal
  4. AURORA *off vocal

Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Quartet Idol Song

Reiji Kotobuki, Ranmaru Kurosaki, Ai Mikaze, Camus (CV. Morikubo Showtaro, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Aoi Shouta, Maeno Tomoaki)

Release Date: 2014.8.27

  1. マリアージュ (Mariage)
  2. You’re my life
  3. マリアージュ *off vocal
  4. You’re my life *off vocal

Asdfdghhjk~ yay new Idol songs~♥ (/ω\)イヤン *died*

TVアニメ「神々の悪戯」 第2弾PV ~ asddfjkjg Tsuki~chan (/w \ )

TVアニメ「DRAMAtical Murder [ドラマティカルマーダー]」の放送は2014年夏スタート予定。ただいまTVアニメ公式サイトにてPVが公開されていますので、ぜひご覧ください!

"TV animeDRAMAtical MurderBroadcast in summer, planned for release in 2014. Also PV has been published on the Official Website TV anime now, please have a look!”

BL anime for the game『DRAMAtical Murder』is confirmed in summer 2014~ >u<)/!!!

Drama CDSherlock Holmes

 The CD drama is based on the story of Sherlock Holmes! The official site is open but does not say much about the story. Art is by Nanae Chrono-sensei, whose works include Peacemaker Kurogane, Vassalord y Senki Senki Momotama. Sherlock Holmes will be played by Keiji Fujiwara, Toshiyuki Morikawa by Watson and the great thief Lupin by Kouji Yusa. 

Release Date: March 26, 2014

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七瀬 遙(CV.島﨑信長), 松岡 凛(CV.宮野真守) - きっと忘れない
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♫ Kitto Wasurenai ~ Rin & Haruka ♫

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